Thailand is a hub for Medical Tourism, many people visit Thailand each year for medical check up’s and treatment, from cosmetic surgery, dental, optical, rejuvenation and spa resorts, this is not without reason, as Thailand is one of those few countries in Asia that offers world class medical facilities, combined with an excellent climate with suburb resort locations offering a complete medical service at a fraction of the cost of the western world, it’s no wonder that Thailand is fast becoming a central hub for medical treatment in Asia.

Thailand has more than 400 private hospitals, standards are high and costs are extremely competitive, it’s no surprise that large numbers of visitors decide to undergo surgery in the Kingdom as part of their stay, an example is the amount people who now have their dental treatment in Thailand rather than their own country, treatment costs about 60 to 70% less, add to it the cost a two or three week holiday, the total cost is still less than what you would have to pay for the same treatment in America or Europe.

Thai hospitals are renowned around the world, for their exceptionally high standard and quality of private health services, immaculate comfort, highly professional staff, and friendly faces, the majority of hospitals are are staffed with overseas trained doctors ensuring that communication is no barrier, today the internet plays an important part, as hospitals and clinics have websites promoting their services worldwide, plus patients records can be swiftly obtained via e-mail.

Bangkok International Hospital is a recognized leader in private medical care in Thailand it’s first class facilities, leading expertise and advancements in medical technology, consistently focusing on quality, service and patient satisfaction, has been rewarded with accreditation’s from US, Europe, Australia and Japan Medical Boards, the hospitals vision is to create a comfortable ambience for multi cultural patients from over 140 different nationalities and has a dedicated international team with translators speaking more than 30 different languages.

Thailand one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, has many spas offering Meditation, Detox cleansing, for people to ”Fast and Cleanse“ their system of physical and emotional toxins, they are designed to help prevent health problems, with it’s tradition of natural healing arts such as ancient Thai massage, natural springs, an abundance of medicinal flora, Thai spas have a reputation for excellent service and quality, can be booked through the internet, or with your local travel agent.