The Bulgarian National Anthem was first adopted in 1964, the words and musical composition were both by Bulgarian Composer, “Tsvetan Tsvetkov Radoslavov” (1863 – 1931).

Radoslavov wrote the lyrics in 1885, as he was about to enter the Serbo-Bulgarian war. The 1885 version was titled “Gorda Stara planina”, translated as (Proudly Rise the Balkan Peaks). There have been several modifications to the anthem since its original composition. During the communist regime rule of Bulgarian a third verse was added, this was removed in 1991 when Bulgarian became independent from Moscow rule.

The anthem is called “Mila Rodino” in Bulgarian, which is translated into Bulgarian as “Dear Motherland”. The anthem talks with pride about the rivers and mountains of Bulgaria and how Bulgaria is a land worth fighting for.

The Bulgarian national anthem lyrics are:

Gorda Stara Planina,
Do nei Dunava sinei,
Slantse Tkrakiya ogriava,
Nad Pirina plamenei
Milo Rodino,
Ti si zemen rai,
Tvoita hubost, tvoota prelest,
Ah te niamat krai.
Padnaha boitsi bezchet,
Za naroda nash liubim,
Maiko, dai mi muzhka sila,
Patia im da prodalzhim.

The English translated lyrics are:

Proudly rise the Balkan peaks,
At their feet Blue Danube flows;
Over Thrace the sun is shining,
Pirin looms in purple glow.
Oh, dear native land,
Earthly paradise!
For your loveliness, your beauty
E´er will charm our eyes.
Uncounted fighter died
for the beloved our people
Mother, give me man´s power
Their path to continue.
In the image below, the Bulgarian football team stand and observe the Bulgarian National Anthem prior to a match.