Taking a 7 day holiday to Miami could be the holiday of a lifetime. All you need to do, is to plan ahead a little so that you can fit in everything you want to see and do while you’re there. There are plenty of great tourist destinations you just need to pick those that you want to see and book come cheap car rental and you are set.

Don’t forget that by hiring a car while you’re here, it will give you more freedom and choice. Some things here are reasonably close together, while others are a little more spread out.

With 1.4 million acres of swamp, saw-grass and sub tropical jungles here, the Everglades national park is probably the most unusual park in the whole of America. Located right down on the southern tip of Florida, it is home to a number of rare and endangered species such as the American Crocodile, the Florida Panther and the West Indian Manatee. There are areas where you can walk, canoe, camp or travel by airboat here to see this incredible location.

Key West
From snorkelling to scuba diving, sailing, kayaking and fishing there’s plenty to do in and on the water here. While on land, museums, historical sites and plenty of fabulous shopping and eating opportunities are available.

South Beach
The quintessential Miami hotspot, South Beach offers partying and shopping galore and is well known as being one of the trendiest locations across Miami. It’s so good here that you could easily find yourself staying for several days.

Miami Zoo
One of the best zoos in America, the climate here allows them to keep a large variety of animals from Asia, Africa and Australia. This is a ‘free range’ zoo, so there are no cages, just animals grouped according to geographic territory and animals that live together peaceably in the wild are placed together here too.

Miami Children’s Museum
Whether you’ve got kids or are just a big kid yourself, this place is fab. Their motto is ‘Play, Learn, Imagine, Create’ and it comes through with all the exhibitions of which there are a wide variety and almost all of them interactive. You can explore everything from a TV studio to a supermarket learning how things work and having a go at all sorts of aspects of everything.

Monkey Jungle
Down in southern Miami-Dade county this is a truly unique place. It’s almost a case of the monkeys running wild while the people are caged here as people walk through carefully constructed wire pathways to see many species of monkey swinging and scampering through the trees all around you interacting with each other. Here it’s a case of keeping your eyes peeled to see who’s hanging round.

There’s so much more to Miami too – the science museum, parrot jungle island, seaquarium, the beaches, coral castle, vizcava, holocaust museum, Miccosukee Indian village, Fruit and Spice Park, Dolphin Mall. You’ll never be bored here in Miami.