Fields trips add spice to the high school curriculum. They give students a chance to get out into the real world and see how classroom learning can be applied. Here are eight great ideas for high school field trips.


Trips to museums provide memorable hands-on experiences for students. If your students have been studying the history of Native Americans, there is nothing like a day of living history at a museum to reinforce what they have learned. Students will have the opportunity to see and feel the artifacts of the culture that they have read about in class. The Chickasaw Cultural Center in Oklahoma, for example, feature classes, multimedia exhibits and living history days that really help integrate classroom learning. Make sure you contact the museum you want to visit before planning your trip. You can find out what exciting events might be coming up that your class could participate in.

Government Offices
It is always interesting to see our government at work. There are many different government offices that students can visit on a trip. From the local mayor’s office to a federal courthouse, high school students can see first-hand the various levels and branches of government. Be sure to arrange meetings with important officials so students can ask them what it is like to be a public servant.

Amusement Parks
Enjoy a day of excitement and fun at an amusement park. Many amusement parks. like Six Flags, offer special programs for students to learn about physics by studying the dynamics of the rides. You can also arrange a behind-the-scenes tour for your students to observe the operations of the park.


TV Stations, Radio Stations and Newspapers
Students can learn about journalism by visiting a local TV station, radio station or newspaper. Talking to reporters will illustrate the process that professional journalists use to gather and broadcast the news. Students can also learn about the printing, broadcasting and internet technologies involved in journalism.

A play is a great cultural experience for high school students. There are usually theaters for professional performances in large cities. Community theaters are also great places to visit. In addition to experiencing the play, students can tour the backstage and interview actors, directors and stage hands in order to get an idea of what it is like to be involved in a theatrical production.

hospital visitLocal Businesses
We all patronize businesses everyday. Students can see what goes on behind the scenes by arranging a tour of a local business. Supermarkets, restaurants, shops and any other kind of business can be the subject of a tour. The business can be small and local, or it can a large national corporation. Visiting a place of business can teach students about economics, commerce and finance.

Students can learn about our heath care system by a trip to the local hospital. They can meet with paramedics, nurses, doctors and administrators in order to get a picture of the issues involved in the delivery of health care services to the community.

College Campuses
These tours are not just for families with students entering college. All high school students can benefit from a tour of a local college. Students can take a general tour or focus on a particular department. If there is an important research facility at the college, students can observe its operation as well.

These eight great field trip ideas should stimulate your student’s imagination in addition to integrating real world experiences with classroom learning. Everyone loves fields trips, and these ideas will help you to plan memorable ones for your students.