Bulgarian Public Holidays

There are fourteen celebrated public holidays in Bulgaria each year, these are listed below: January 1 – New Years Day – Celebrating the first day of the New Year in the Gregorian Calendar January 2 – Day after New Years Day March 3 – Liberation Day – Liberation from the Ottoman Empire on March 3, […] Read More

Ethnic Mix of Bulgaria

This page details the ethnic mix of the population of Bulgaria. As per the 2001 census, the Bulgarian population consisted of 7,928,901 people. Table of ethnic mix of Bulgarian population, taken from the 2001 Census: The table shows that just three ethnic groups form 98% of the entire population of the country of Bulgaria. These […] Read More

What to See in Miami when Visiting

Taking a 7 day holiday to Miami could be the holiday of a lifetime. All you need to do, is to plan ahead a little so that you can fit in everything you want to see and do while you’re there. There are plenty of great tourist destinations you just need to pick those that […] Read More

Can We Get a Dog? How to Deal With the Pet Question…

As sure as the sky is blue, your children are sooner or later bound to ask to get a puppy. They’ve seen friends, family members, and TV idols share companionship with 4 legged friends, and now they want a turn. However, getting a dog is a big choice and a massive commitment. Even if your […] Read More

A Father’s Guide To Weekend Family Entertainment

Many fathers look forward to weekends after working during the week, as they give parents the opportunity to spend quality time with their families and forget about the hustle of everyday life. Whether you have substantial amounts of money to spend or none at all, you can enjoy many weekend activities with your family without […] Read More

Teaching Your Children About Mortality

With the loss of grandparents, pets, and loved ones, it can be difficult to avoid death for children or protect them from the pain as a parent. For many parents, the topic of death can be the most difficult topic to explain due to the questions and painful answers that are involved. Although children may […] Read More

Your Daughter Will Grow Up: How Dad’s Deal

Whether you want to believe it or not, dad, your little girl is growing up. Before you know it, she’s going to be dating, driving, and you might even find that you have your hands full trying to keep up with a maturing adult mind that is 16 or 17 going on 30. Before you […] Read More

Separation: Talking to Your Children About Mom

Going through a separation is never easy. Splitting up with a spouse is difficult in and of itself, but having to speak to children about it adds a whole other dimension of anxiety. While it might be tough to talk to your children during and after your separation from their mother, it’s something that has […] Read More

Why Dads Love Shopping Pre-Owned (And You Should, Too!)

Most dads like the idea of getting a great product for a bargain. Men in general are very proud of themselves when they buy something at a good price. As both a man and a father, I can assure you that this is true. Most dads worked very hard for their money, and it gives […] Read More

Dad’s 101: 5 Must Haves for New or Expecting Dads

While there is a steep learning curve for new and expecting Dads, there is no need and also no way to fully anticipate everything that comes with becoming a parent. The best thing to do is to focus on enjoying the adventure, and keeping a strong bond with the new Mama, or Mama to be. […] Read More