Khorat Thailand FAQ

Nakorn Ratchasima Khorat The Gateway to Issan, its people are hospitable and generous enjoy their own dailect, thier own folk culture and traditions, festivals and cuisine, Issan pronounced Essan is generally accepted as the worlds oldest Bronze Age Civilization that flourished over 5000 years ago. Khorat is the largest province in Issan. about 260 kilometers […] Read More

Krabi Thailand FAQ

Karbi Town a fishing harbour giving access to Thailands stunning offshore islands, an excellent base for travellers to organize trips to explore this beautiful province, hotels and guesthouse’s of all standerds can be found here, the night market opens after sundown and over looks the river, here you can find all the details for ferries […] Read More

Khon Kaen

Khon Kaen: Located in the heart of northeast region of Thailand (Isaan) the northeast of Thailand is often neglected by tourists, about 450 kilometers from Bangkok, bus and train services are availiable from Bangkok along with plenty of daily flights, outside the popular tourist destinations, Isaan is the place to experience Thailand’s local people’s customs […] Read More

Kanchanaburi Thailand FAQ

Kanchanaburi Province is divided into 13 Amphoes (districts) Mueang Kanchanaburi, Bo Phloi, Dan Makham Tia, Huai Krachao, Lao Khwan, Nong Prue, Phanom Thuan, Sai Yok, Sangkhla Buri, Si Sawat, Tha Maka, Tha Muang and Thong Pha Phum. The Amphoes are divided into sub-districts (Tambon) which are divided into villages (Muban) Most of the province is […] Read More

Hua Hin Thailand FAQ

The construction of a railway station in the city as part of the Southern Railroad in the reign of King Rama VI resulted in Hua Hin standing out from Thailands many quite fishing villages, adding the construction of a Summer Palace for King Rama VII totally transformed the village into a high-society resort town for […] Read More

Chantha Buri Thailand FAQ

This ancient port on the eastern coast of Thailand is about 300 kilometres from Bangkok, the province abundant with natural resources stunning waterfalls, lush forests and clean beaches, known for its tropical fruit and for its position as the centre of Thailand’s gem industry. The town known locally as Chan the towns architecture reflects earlier […] Read More

Chiang Rai Thailand FAQ

Chiang Rai: The northern most Province of Thailand, about 795 kilometers north of Bangkok, situated on the Kok River basin, covering an area of approximately 11,678 square meters with an average elevation of 570 meters above sea level, the province, located in the renowned Golden Triangle area, an 180 kilometers north of Chiang Mai, there […] Read More

Phang Nga Thailand FAQ

Phang Nga is situated 95 kilometres northeast of Phuket, by bus from Bangkok a distance of 788 kilometers approximately 12 hours travel to the small town. Its the Ao Phang Nga National Marine Park, that forms the magnificent Phang Nga Bay, a great place for boating, spectacular limestone scenery rising from the sea, mangroves, sea […] Read More

Chiang Mai Thailand

Chiang Mai: Thailands second city, is more than 700 km northwest of Bangkok, the old walled city is the norths largest city over 700 years old, the cities moats and magnificent temples, are the centre of tourism in north Thailand Chiang Mai famous for its Lanna-style architecture, friendly people, beautiful women, refined handicrafts, cool climate […] Read More

Nong Khai Thailand FAQ

Nong Khai is 615 kilometers from Bangkok, only twenty four kilometers from Vientiane opposite, with Tha Dua on the other side. The road that runs along the river bank provides a clear view of the Laotian landscape, Thai Lao Friendship Bridge the first bridge across the Khong River, links Nong Khai with tha Na Laeng […] Read More