Religions of Bulgaria

Welcome to cosmic order online. Have you ever wondered why some people appear to attract others around them. How they appear to be lucky? Bulgaria is traditionally a Christian state since the establishment of Christianity in the country in the First Bulgarian Empire, under Boris I, in the 9th century. It did however have roots […] Read More

Cyrillic Alphabet of Bulgaria

The Cyrillic alphabet was initially developed in the First Bulgarian Empire, dating back to the 10th Century AD. Its name was developed from tradition that the Alphabet was created by Greek brothers, Saints Cyril and Methodius, who brought Christianity to the Southern Slavs. However modern intellectuals argue that the alphabet was created and made popular […] Read More

Visa Requirements for Bulgaria

To be able to travel to the country of Bulgaria, all non-EU nationals will need a passport, which is valid for a minimum period of six months after the date of departure. Visitors to Bulgaria are not required to produce a return ticket on arrival, but obviously this is advisable, where possible. All visitors are […] Read More

Popular Beaches in Bulgaria

Due to Bulgaria´s coastline along the Black Sea and great weather during holiday periods it is no surprise Bulgaria has a vast amount of vibrant and great beaches to visit. Cacao beach is one of the most popular beaches in the whole of Bulgaria. The beach itself is over 8 Km´s long and is part […] Read More

Holiday Rentals in Bulgaria

Choosing a rental apartment for your next holiday in Bulgaria is potentially a great idea, it all depends on what type of accommodation you wish to have. A holiday rental would be ideal for the following reasons: You want to save money compared to the cost of using a hotel You want to provide all […] Read More

Water Sports and Activities in Bulgaria

Bulgaria has a great variety of water sports available to tourists due to its Black Sea coast with sunny vibrant weather most of the year round. As well as that Bulgaria is a country with a rich, wide and ranging landscape including many rivers and dams which provide a perfect opportunity to the aquatic sportsperson. […] Read More

Golfing in Bulgaria

Golf in Bulgaria is thriving. A number of courses have been built over the past 20 years to cater for the increasing number of tourists travelling to the country. The courses are generally of a high quality and have been designed by golf professionals such as Gary Player and Ian Woosnam. Golf in Bulgaria is […] Read More

Next up Bulgaria

Thanks for stopping by, I guess as you have visited this page, that you must have an interest in Bulgaria? Welcome to our information guide about all things Bulgarian. We have broken this website down into logical sections and have presented them for your interest. Tourism is soaring in popularity right now, this site provides […] Read More