A Father’s Guide To Helping A Son Recover From Addiction

Parents of teen or young adult children suffering with a drug or alcohol addiction often feel helpless. If you are a concerned father, you may have attempted to communicate with your son about his addiction. Unfortunately, most addicts do not want to discuss their addiction with other people, and prefer to handle it on their […] Read More

5 Great Outdoor Activities For Father-Son Bonding Time

In the hustle of everyday life, finding the time to spend with your children often finds itself to be a greater chore than the activity itself. Throw cell phones, social media, television, and video games into the mix and it’s a wonder how parents ever find the opportunity or time to spend an evening meal […] Read More

My Adventure Putting Together My Home Office

Making the change to a home office was similar to moving into a new home. At first, it seemed simple: just set up and get to work. Then, it seemed like a huge task as I realized there was more to working at home than opening a laptop on the desk. But in the end […] Read More

Do Video Games Help Or Hurt Your Child? What’s The Verdict?

As a father, I could say that video games are good or bad and leave it at that, but the truth is, video games are a much more complicated issue than just saying kids should or should not play them. Let’s consider what they do and don’t do for your kids. pacman Video Games Improve […] Read More

The Six Best Crash Systems to Memorize and Study Before a Big Test

Cramming before a test can be done and one can pass a test by cramming; however, it is not advisable where few hours of sleep separate said cramming and the exam it was crammed for. Consider these tips for optimal studying when time isn’t a luxury. girl studyin Atmosphere: What to study is nearly as […] Read More

5 Important Things Every Dad Should Know About

Being a dad can be a very big responsibility. Many men don’t realize how much their children look up to them until the child has grown and moved on. There are some things that every man needs to know about how to be a good father: First Thing: Dad needs to realize that he is […] Read More

Eight Great Ideas for High School Field Trips

Fields trips add spice to the high school curriculum. They give students a chance to get out into the real world and see how classroom learning can be applied. Here are eight great ideas for high school field trips. schooltrip Museums Trips to museums provide memorable hands-on experiences for students. If your students have been […] Read More

The Legal Implications of Self-Driving Cars

Self-driving cars are coming, and experts believe that automatic cars will be ready before long. However, the advent of self-driving cars will demand answers to legal questions. Here are a few of the issues lawmakers will have to address in the coming years. Perhaps the most laws to write will be those used when self-driving […] Read More