Population of Bulgaria

It´s a sad fact, but true, that the Bulgarian population is actually in decline. The 2001 census recorded there were 7,928,901 people living in Bulgaria, whereas the government estimate as at January 1st, 2010 was 7,528,100 (a drop of 5.1% in 9 years – or about 44,000 people each year). There are two main reasons […] Read More

Bulgaria Flag FAQ

The flag of Bulgaria was first adopted on April 16th, 1879, this was immediately after the Russo-Turkish war, 1877-1878. Article 23 of the Tarnovo Constitution of 1879 says “The Bulgarian people’s flag is three-coloured and consists of white, green and red colours, placed horizontally.” The Bulgarian flag is a tri-color type flag consisting of equal […] Read More

Ethnic Mix of Bulgaria

This page details the ethnic mix of the population of Bulgaria. As per the 2001 census, the Bulgarian population consisted of 7,928,901 people. Table of ethnic mix of Bulgarian population, taken from the 2001 Census: The table shows that just three ethnic groups form 98% of the entire population of the country of Bulgaria. These […] Read More

The Bulgarian National Anthem

The Bulgarian National Anthem was first adopted in 1964, the words and musical composition were both by Bulgarian Composer, “Tsvetan Tsvetkov Radoslavov” (1863 – 1931). Radoslavov wrote the lyrics in 1885, as he was about to enter the Serbo-Bulgarian war. The 1885 version was titled “Gorda Stara planina”, translated as (Proudly Rise the Balkan Peaks). […] Read More

Bulgarian TV & Movies

The debut of the Television in Bulgaria was in 1959. It was in 1954 that a team at the Technical University of Sofia (then called the Machine and Electro-Technics Institute) began to experiment with TV broadcasting, using two antennas for sound and image, up on the roof of a building in the city. Through their […] Read More

Adopting in Bulgaria

There is a high percentage of orphans in Bulgaria. It is becoming an increasingly popular option for people from all over the world to adopt a Bulgarian child. The children living in Orphanages across Bulgaria are generally cared for well and given as much love and attention as possible. Often they are living in basic […] Read More

Mafia of Bulgaria

The term “Bulgarian mafia” is used to describe the organised crime groups that are active throughout Bulgaria. Bulgarian mafia spans from the sportsmen and wrestlers of the Communist period (1944 to 1989). In Bulgaria after 1990, the word wrestler came to be recognised as a mafia man. The mafia man was usually tagged as a […] Read More

Music of Bulgaria

The music of Bulgaria is part of the Balkans tradition, which expands across South Eastern Europe and is very distinct in its sound. Bulgarian music uses a vast range of different instruments, and some of the folk instruments are versions of traditional Asian instruments, for example the “Saz” (Bulgarian Tambura). Modern instruments are used in […] Read More

Religions of Bulgaria

Welcome to cosmic order online. Have you ever wondered why some people appear to attract others around them. How they appear to be lucky? Bulgaria is traditionally a Christian state since the establishment of Christianity in the country in the First Bulgarian Empire, under Boris I, in the 9th century. It did however have roots […] Read More

Cyrillic Alphabet of Bulgaria

The Cyrillic alphabet was initially developed in the First Bulgarian Empire, dating back to the 10th Century AD. Its name was developed from tradition that the Alphabet was created by Greek brothers, Saints Cyril and Methodius, who brought Christianity to the Southern Slavs. However modern intellectuals argue that the alphabet was created and made popular […] Read More