Coast of Bulgaria

If you want to find the coast in Bulgaria, there is plenty to explore but you will need to head East, the entire Bulgarian coastline is located to the east of the country. The northern Bulgarian coast starts at the Romanian Black Sea riviera and finishes in the south in Northern Turkey. In total the […] Read More

Mountains of Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a land full of mountains, these are particularly prominent in the central and south-western areas of the country. The mountains are very popular for leisure activities such as skiing, hiking, rambling and the study of flora and fauna. In the mountains you may be lucky enough to see an eagle soaring high or […] Read More

Bulgarian Food Sirene

Sirene is a type of white brine cheese made in South-East Europe and is a national food of all the countries in the Balkans. It is a very popular cheese in Bulgaria, often referred to as “Bulgarian Cheese”; however its official name is White Brine Sirene. A brine cheese means that it is soaked in […] Read More

Spicy Bulgarian Relish Lyutenitsa

Lyutenitsa (lute meaning Hot or Spicy) is a popular spicy relish snack that is eaten in Bulgaria nationally (it is also known as a vegetable spread). The relish is eaten with a range of different dishes; accompanying main dishes, or served with chopped vegetables, or bread as a popular snack or starter. Many Bulgarians traditionally […] Read More

Bulgarian Shopska Salad

Shopska salad (the name deriving from the Shoppi/natives of Sofia) is a very popular and well received salad all throughout Europe. It is a traditional and distinctive Bulgarian salad, said to have been made famous or invented in the 1960´s by Balkantourist, a Bulgarian tourist organization. Shopska salad is made from cucumber, tomato, roasted pepper […] Read More

Bulgarian Banitsa

Banitsa (meaning crumpled or badly maintained) is a popular pastry dish served in Bulgaria. It is often served for Breakfast with yogurt or boza, and it can be eaten hot or cold. Traditionally it consists of layering up a mixture of whisked eggs and chunks of sirene between sheets of filo pastry, then it is […] Read More

Bulgarian Food Lukanka

Lukanka is a unique Bulgarian cuisine. It is a spicy salami, similar to sujuk, but it often has a stronger flavour. Lukanka is semi dried and is of a flattened cylindrical shape, with a brown-red interior and it is in a skin, which is usually covered in a white fungus. Inside a mix of small […] Read More

Bulgarian Drink Boza

Boza is a popular fermented drink consumed in many different countries, including Turkey, Albania, Kyrgyzstan, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Romania, Serbia, Ukraine, Poland and Lithuania. Boza is a malt drink, and there are many different types (the most popular been Bulgarian, Albanian and Turkish) as depending on the country it is made in, different […] Read More

Time Zone in Bulgaria

If you´re travelling to Bulgaria, you may be wondering what time will it be there? This page is devoted to answering that question in preparation for your visit. Bulgaria operates two time zones throughout the year. These time zones are: Eastern European Time (EET) in the winter, +2 compared to (UTC) co-ordinated universal time (the […] Read More

Maps of Bulgaria

This page is devoted to providing you with information about Bulgaria in the form of maps. The map of Bulgaria is almost a rectangular shape and this is shown in a variety of images below. This website page only provides up to date maps of Bulgaria, historic maps have not been provided. This first map […] Read More