Guide to Ayutthaya Thailand

Ayutthaya is one of Thailands major tourist attractions, many ancient ruins and art works can be seen in a city that was founded in 1350 by King U-Thong, about 80 kilometers north of Bangkok. The city covers approximately 2,500 square kilometers, which is divided into 16 districts, it was the Saim Capital from 1350 to1767. […] Read More

Koh Samet Thailand FAQ

Koh Samet: is one of 96 national parks that are located in Thailand, lies only 7 kilometers offshore from Ban Phe in Rayong province in the Eastern Gulf of Thailand, around 200 kilometers from Bangkok makes Koh Samet Island easy and affordable to get to about 3-4 hours total travelling time from Bangkok, less than […] Read More

Accommodation in Thailand

Thailand has accommodation to suit all budgets, from some of the worlds most luxurious hotels and beach resorts equipped with all the modern amenities one can imagine offering quality and service second to none, it’s no wonder that millions of tourists return back year after year to relax and enjoy this tropical paradise in all […] Read More

Cuisine of Thailand

Thailand has a way that mixes ancient ritual with the ways of the modern world. It has been said that if you want to eat well in Thailand haunt the markets sample a skewer of grilled Satay from one stall some Kai PaLo (pork & egg in a rich sauce) or Gang Phed from another […] Read More

Shopping in Thailand

Bangkok is a shoppers paradise, there are so many shopping areas, from the markets to the street traders you see on most corners in Bangkok, the stalls and shops around Chinatown, not forgetting the luxury shopping mails and air-conditioned shopping marts like the Mahboonkrong Center (MBK) which has hundreds of air-conditioned shops, close to Siam […] Read More

Nightlife in Thailand

Discovering Thailand’s Nightlife for the first time is an experience all Thailand’s major cities have much to offer in the way of entertainment the variety varies from city to city, it’s no secret that many visit Thailand just for its exotic nightlife, the fact it’s your vacation you can either choose to visit or ignore […] Read More

Thailand Travel Guide

The majority of people visiting Thailand for the first time dont really know what to expect, although much can be read on the internet and in books about Thailand, not until you visit the country will the many marvels of Thailand’s undiscovered enchantment, with surprises and delights around almost every corner, will you gain an […] Read More

Culture of Thailand

Thai people shy by nature, are very sensitive and extremely polite, their behavior is tightly controlled by etiquette, much of it based on their Buddhist religion, a non confrontational society in which public dispute or criticism is avoided at all costs, to show anger or impatience or to raise your voice in public is s […] Read More

Thailand Festivals

Thailands annual events and festivals: Determined by the lunar calendar, so dates change from year to year, the provinces have their own local festivals to celebrate harvests of seasonal crops. January: Chiang Mai Winter Fair. Beauty pageants, kick boxing competitions, stalls selling a range of locally made goods and loud music make this an exciting […] Read More

Koh Samui Thailand FAQ

Koh Samui: is part of an archipelago of islands lying just off the coast in the province of Surat Thani at the western edge of the Gulf of Thailand, approximately 650 kilometers from Bangkok, by Air only an 70 minute flight, this beautiful island epitomizes the idyllic simplicity of a tropical paradise, characterized by it’s […] Read More