Karbi Town a fishing harbour giving access to Thailands stunning offshore islands, an excellent base for travellers to organize trips to explore this beautiful province, hotels and guesthouse’s of all standerds can be found here, the night market opens after sundown and over looks the river, here you can find all the details for ferries to Koh Phi-Phi, Koh Jum and Koh Lanta as well as longtails to explore the islands and bays, Karbi has many tiny off-shore islands with beautiful unspoilt beaches and bays, one of the more known trips is the “Four islands tour” taking in Chicken Island, James Bond island and a couple of beautiful bays, the mainland beaches of Laem Phra Nang are cut off by mountains, by boat from Krabi the trip takes about 45 minutes

Krabi Province offers some of the most attractive scenery in southern Thailand, from stunning limestone cliffs fronting on to white sand beaches, the many islands scattered around the bay at Tambon Pak Nam, Krabi river flows through the town and opens into the bay to the Andaman Sea, other rivers from the mountain’s in the province also join the sea here, Karbi Town a short distance from the bay, which has over 80 islands scattered around, all a short distance away from one another, during low tide’s it’s possible to wade through the crystal clear waters to the neighboring island, Krabi’s most famous attraction Wat Tham Sua “Tiger Cave” a beautiful collection of small temples and natural cave dwellings, still used by local monks, each cave the home of beautiful Buddhist shrines and monuments.

A short ride out of town Ao Nang magnificently sited the inland cavities along the road makes bizarre scenary it’s the most developed beach in the area, less crowded and more quiet, giving a peaceful atmosphere, the majestic looking limestone cliffs rising straight from calm clear waters of the sea, with the long beach line that runs the whole length of the resort are great attractions the shallow coast line is safe for children to play with the waves makes it idea for family’s, the deserted beach of Pai Plong is easily accessible on foot when the tide is low.

Rai Leh beach is one of Krabi’s most unique areas, with it’s pure white sand and shallow clear water is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, excellent accommodation is available which gives an added attraction to this beach, plenty of rock formations can be found in the area, caves with stalactites and stalagmites are a spectcular attraction in Rai Leh, the limestone geology has forged many interesting rock formations, the beach provides exlelent opportunities for rock climbing enthusiasts the facilities include supplies of climbing gear, and training for novice’s is also available, the spectacular views of the surrounding areas from the top of the cliffs is a rewarding experience after the hardship and strain you take to climb the hillside.