This ancient port on the eastern coast of Thailand is about 300 kilometres from Bangkok, the province abundant with natural resources stunning waterfalls, lush forests and clean beaches, known for its tropical fruit and for its position as the centre of Thailand’s gem industry.

The town known locally as Chan the towns architecture reflects earlier occupations and is particularly attractive, with many Thai traditional houses along the river bank that runs through the center of the town its also the home of Thailands Largest Catholic Cathedral.

Somdet Phna Chao Taksin Maharaj Public Park, a large park in the centre of town boats can be rented for punting, in the middle of the park there is an island with a statue of King Taksin.

Laem Sadet Khung Kraben, has long clean beaches and hosts many seafood restaurants some have bathing rooms for swimmers, the west of Laem Sing there is a clean yellow beach which offers great views of the islands Koh Perhrit, Koh Chula and Koh Sao.

Phliu Waterfall National Park, south east of Chantha Buri is a 30 minutes drive along highway 3 buses leave for the park from the front of Chantha Buri municipal market.

Chantha Brui offers many good quality budget hotels, its well worth a visit of 2 or 3 days to explore the old town and nearby villages, to give you an insight to the real Thailand, visitors to the Gem Market; Beware of Fakes! Never buy from people approaching you in the street.