Phang Nga is situated 95 kilometres northeast of Phuket, by bus from Bangkok a distance of 788 kilometers approximately 12 hours travel to the small town. Its the Ao Phang Nga National Marine Park, that forms the magnificent Phang Nga Bay, a great place for boating, spectacular limestone scenery rising from the sea, mangroves, sea caves with crystalline interiors and abundant wildlife, plus hundreds of tiny islands make it one of Southern Thailands most fascinating and scenic areas.

The Mojaritly of the islands are uninhabited, most of them have spectacular caves (hongs in Thai) which can only be reached by an inflatable or sea cones, Koh Ping-gan made famous from it’s starring role in the James Bond movie (The Man With the Golden Gun) the island is indeed spectacular, a main attraction feature in many of the 3 and 4 island tours that are available for tourists.

Its possible to see many of the bays attractions in a single day, there are boat trips from most points along the east coast of Phuket that will take you immediately into Phang Nga Bay, there are also a number of launching sites on Phang Nga province mainland, including the Ka Sohm Pier in Takua Thung district just south of Phang Nga Town.

The famous is Ao Phang-nga National Park, a geological wonder filled with islets, sunken caverns and startling rock formations rising sheer out of the sea, the bay is extremely sheltered ideal for expeditions of sea canoes, the tours allow you to see things you can’t see from the big tour boats, such as the mangrove forests above, and the many caves hollowed out in the islands, where the center of many islands have collapsed, leaving small lakes open to the sky displaying fantastic formations of rock, these are usually only reachable through small caves opening into the sea, some can only be entered when the tide is low.