Thailand has a way that mixes ancient ritual with the ways of the modern world. It has been said that if you want to eat well in Thailand haunt the markets sample a skewer of grilled Satay from one stall some Kai PaLo (pork & egg in a rich sauce) or Gang Phed from another and finish with Mango & sweet sticky rice.

Thailands Cuisine: Regarded by many people as one of the best in the world, the variety of dishes are two numerous to mention, if you wanted, you could literally have a different meal every day of the year.

Thai Cuisine

Royal Thai Cuisine, in its most exalted form is presented with incredible attention to beauty, meaning that not only should the food be stylishly set out but that it is decorated with exquisitely carved fruit and vegetables.

Thai Cooks: Decorate their food though on a day to day basics this usually means little more than garnishing a plate with a simple flower made out of a finely slice Chilli or a sculpted Carrot.

Savory Prawn Salad

The fragrant blend of hot and sweet sour Salty and sometimes-bitter flavours makes Thai Cuisine one of the worlds most distinctive popular cuisines. Some dishes are small and not considered as real food but merely a pleasurable diversion to while away the spare time or to nibble away at a starter whilst waiting for the meal, they can of course be more substantial such as noodle dishes which can be a meal in themselves.

A bowl of soup is nearly always included in a Thai meal it is placed alongside the other dishes to be enjoyed a little at a time as a liquid refreshment to eat as and when the diner chooses.

Spicy Pork & Chicken Salad

When preparing a Salad the Cook always strives for a mixture of colours and contrasting flavours all are combined in perfect harmony, when slices of meat and seafood are included these salads may well be served as a main dish.

Thai Curries are always a part of Thai dishes in a main meal, the hot taste is usually counter balanced by a bland or flavoured dish, as they are fresher and lighter than many Cuisines.

Tiger Prawns in a Rich Curry Sauce

Rice is treated with great respect a bowl of steamy fluffy rice is essential to any Thai meal, a close second are noodles of which there are numerous types and an even greater number of noodle Dishes.