Discovering Thailand’s Nightlife for the first time is an experience all Thailand’s major cities have much to offer in the way of entertainment the variety varies from city to city, it’s no secret that many visit Thailand just for its exotic nightlife, the fact it’s your vacation you can either choose to visit or ignore them.

Cabaret shows and cinemas are excellent value for money; many large Thai restaurants put on traditional Thai culture shows free, like Thai dancing and Muay Thai (Thai kick boxing) and are worth visiting.

The pubs are bars that are scattered around Thailand’s cities and its islands beaches cater for all tastes, an enjoyable evening is to visit one of the local Thai pubs to sample the Thai music and local customs, for sure the Thai people know how to party and enjoy themselves.

You might want to relax on the beach in one of the many beach bars listen to the music and sea under the stars, or just have a quiet drink in Irish, British or German bars that are scattered around.

For the young at heart there are plenty of Discos and Night Clubs the later tend to be more expensive, be sure to check the drinks list before ordering as prices can be over double in some of the venues, for those of you that want the sun sea and to party Pattaya City is Thailand’s party town where if you wish you can party from dusk to dawn.