Thailands Unit of Currency, The Thai Baht, One hundred satang equals = 1 Baht, there are five different Bank notes each a different colour, 20Bt Green, 50Bt Blue, 100Bt Red, 500Bt Purple, 1000Bt Beige, since the circulation of the 10 Bt coin, the 10 Bt bank note is rarely seen, coins are 25 satang, 50 satang, 1 Baht, 2 Baht, 5 Baht, 10 Baht, at the moment 1 Euro = 47.85 Thai Baht and 1 US Dollar = 33.35 Thai Baht.

Latest Exchange Rates

1000 Baht Note

1000 Baht Note: Front

Thai Money

1000 Baht Note: Back

thai bank notes 50 Baht

50 Baht Note: Front

50 Baht Note Back

50 Baht Note: Back

500 Baht Note front

500 Baht Note: Front

Thai Bank Notes

500 Baht Note: Back

20 Thai Baht

20 Baht Note: Front

Thailand?s Money

20 Baht Note: Back

100 Thai_Baht_note_front

100 Baht Note: Front

100 Thai Baht_back

100 Baht Note: Back

10 Baht Thailand

10 Baht Note: Front

Money Thailand

10 Baht Note: Back

Thai Banks: Open from 9.00am to 5.00pm six days a week, in some coastal cities they are open for 7days, ATM machines are plentiful, most 7/11 stores have one outside, and they are open 24 hours, major cities and towns you will find a 7/11 store on almost every corner, there are also plenty of Thai Banks and official money changing kiosks which are open later in Thailands many tourist locations, travelers checks offer a better alterative than carrying cash.

Most of the large departmental stores, shopping mails, and superstores like Tesco and Carrefour take credit cards some have banks in their shopping area and all of the above are open from mid morning to 10:00pm you will find plenty of ATM machines around their shopping area, to give you a rough guide as to what you can are expect to pay for food and accommodation, plus some services see below.

Meals low, 40 – 150 Baht, Mid, 150 – 300 Baht, High 300 Baht plus, local brewed beer Singha, Heineken etc, 40 – 100 Baht, bottled water in most restaurants 20 – 40 Baht, accommodation low, 300 – 800 Baht, Mid, 800 – 2,500 Baht, High, 3,000 Baht plus, Motorbike rental, per day 100 – 250 Baht cheaper per week, Small car rental per day 800 – 1,000 Baht, a one hour Thai massage, 200 – 400 Baht, Green fees, 1,000 – 5,000 Baht.

Prices will vary depending on the type of establishment and certain things will also vary in price due to the time of year, but this should give you a rough idea on what things cost.