Thai people: Have a capacity of tolerating inconveniences for long periods and are easy going which makes them warm and friendly people, however it is important to bear in mind where customs culture and habits are concerned, Thais can be deadly if seriously offended.

Thais dont normally shake hands when they greet one another, but instead press the palms together in a prayer like gesture called a Wai, generally a younger person wais an elder, who returns it, be careful to wai correctly as there are many types of wais, its best to imitate the Thai who greets you.

Do: Respect Thai customs, Thais are generally forgiving towards visitors disrespect towards images of Buddha or the Thai Royal Family is not tolerated.

Do: Carry a copy of your passport with you at all times.

Do: Ensure you have adequate travel insurance that covers both medical treatment and unexpected losses.

Do: Exercise tolerance, particularly when it comes to ordering food or paying a bill.

Do: Always use your right hand to offer and receive anything.

Do: Expect Thais to speak directly

Do: Keep both feet on the ground when sitting.

Do: Sit in the place indicated by your Thai friend.

Do: Only use car hire companies which offer full insurance cover.

Dont: Touch any ones head for any reason, the head is the most important part of the entire body.

Dont: Overstay, fines are imposed for each day you stay in Thailand beyond the date of the visa expiry, currently 500 Baht per day.

Dont: Place your feet so that they point towards a person, religious image or picture of the Thai Royal family.

Dont: Take any packages through Thai customs for anybody.

Dont: Buy any precious stones on the streets.

Dont: Buy travel tickets from anyone, except from an official travel agent.

Dont: Accept any offers from strangers to assist you in finding the right places to do your shopping.

Dont: Call a waiter or waitress with the fingers of your hand pointing upward, it’s considered to be very impolite.

Dont: Shout or raise your voice at anyone in public, you will just look ignorant and uncultured.

Dont: Walk into some ones house with footwear on.

Dont: Lose your temper, this is extremely important, losing your temper in Thailand is a sign of losing control and is frowned upon.