The Majority of Tourists who visit Thailand for the first time come on a organized package holiday, there are some excellent bargains to be had at certain times of the year from many of the worlds leading tour companies. Hotels vary from luxury resorts with all amenities and services to bungalows and beach huts, prices to suit all budgets.

Others just get tickets to Bangkok stay a few days in the capital to unwind, after travel to the destination of their choice, from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport you have access to destinations all over the Far East plus Thailands major cities, if your on a tight budget, Thailands bus services are the cheapest way to Travel Thailand idea for short trips.

Groups of four to six or more people, an idea inexpensive way to Tour Thailand is to rent a mini bus with driver for two or more days, you can work out a route on places you want to visit, the drivers also act as a guilds it has become a propeller means of transport for families to tour Thailand also it gives you total control over your travel agenda.

Traveling Thailand is one of the delights of Thailand, not only are trains and buses cheap, a great way to explore and Discover Thailand, quality hotels and resorts come at a fraction of the price of the western world and offer hospitality second to none, its easy to understand why millions visit every year many stay for two or three months.

The most exciting way to Explore Thailand is to book your return flight to Bangkok plus a hotel in the city for two or three nights, stay longer or move on to your next destination, it a beach hut one night Thai style on one of Thailands exotic islands, tomorrow a luxury hotel, to truly experience (The Land of the Free) is the wonder of Thailand.

Thai Transport. Air, Trains & Bus Services

Where English is Thais second language, you will be able to get by talking to local traders, when it comes to going places, make sure you have your destinations wrote in Thai. It will save time and a lot of confusion when using or booking any of Thailands transport services, especially Bangkoks taxis.

Exchange a little money into Thai Baht, before you leave to cover incidentals, if you have time when you arrive at BKK the airports banks favor a better exchange rate than in the city. Hotels take credit cards, traveler’s checks and cash can be changed at hotels, (Check Rates) normally you will get a much better rate through the banks and local traders, most hotels charge high commission. In all tourist destinations ATM machines are plentiful plus most 7/11 convenient stores have one outside, in most of Thailands cities and towns you will find a 7/11 store on almost every corner.