Thailand: Divided into four topographic regions: 1) North 2) The Central Plain 3) Northeast 4) South, and enjoys a tropical climate with three seasons, summer March to May very hot, rainy with plenty of sunshine from June to September, cool from October to February.

Known to the west as Siam until 1939 when on June 24th the Government change its name to Thailand, translated into English means (Land of the Free) approximately the size of France or Spain or the state of Texas with a total land area of over 500,000 square kilometers and a coastline of over 3,000 kilometers, a population of over 60 million, neighboring counties Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Burma and Vietnam, are all worth visiting.

Buddhism: is the professed religion for over 90% of all Thais and casts a strong influence on their culture and way of life, the most famous person in Thailand is the King his portrait appears everywhere including in all Thai homes. His Public Appearances Attract Huge Crowds.

Thais, are gentle and courteous people, consider themselves to be one of the freer societies in Asia, Thai people in spite their economic change have kept their culture traditions and festivals plus their essential national identity.

Thailands Capital Bangkok, known to Thais, as Krung Thep (The city of angels) has a population of over 10 million it offers something for everyone from the Grand Palace one of the most dazzling sights in Asia, to spectacular temples and ancient monuments, the maze of canals and waterways offer visitors spectacular tours around the city.

Bangkoks Nightlife, is fast and exciting, clubs bars and discos are scattered all around the city, for an enjoyable night out visit one of Bangkoks Night Markets, probably the most famous of Bangkoks night markets is Patpong Night Market, noted for the many Go-Go Bars that run along the side of the market.

With the opening of Bangkoks new Suvarnahumbi Airport, Bangkok has become the first stop for many travelers visiting Asia, Thailand Has Become Asias Primary Holiday Destination, with over six million foreigners visiting the country each year.

Thailands Tourism is World Renown, from the exotic beach resorts catering to the needs of the western tourists, to the ancient cities in the north and the many places that are still remote either in character or in location, its easy to see why so many fall in love with Thailand (The Land of Smiles) returning year after year.