Bulgaria is a land full of mountains, these are particularly prominent in the central and south-western areas of the country.

The mountains are very popular for leisure activities such as skiing, hiking, rambling and the study of flora and fauna. In the mountains you may be lucky enough to see an eagle soaring high or maybe see a Brown Bear, deer (various species), falcons, sousliks, wild boar and wolves.
See below an image from the central Balkan mountains:

Image Courtesy of Flickr – User: Evgeni Karamalov

The highest mountain peak in Bulgaria is on Mount Rila, the Musala peak on this mountain stands at 2,925 metres (9,596 feet). This peak is also the highest in the Balkan peninsular and is the highest peak between the Caucasus and Alps mountain ranges. The second highest peak is Vihren, which is in the Pirin mountain range, this stands at 2,914 metres and is just 11 metres shorter than the Musala peak.

Shown below is an image of the Pirin mountain range near Bansko, which is world famous for skiing.

Mountains in Bulgaria are listed below, these are sorted from highest peak in descending order:

Balkan Mountains (2,376 metres) – the Botev peak
Vitosha (2,290 metres) – the Cherni Vrah peak
Osogovska Planina (2,251 metres) – the Ruen peak
Slavyanka (2,212 metres) – the Gotsev Vrah peak
Rhodopes (2,191 metres) – the Golyam Perelik peak
Belasitsa (2,029 metres) – the Radomir peak
Vlahina (1,924 metres) – the Ogreyak peak
Maleshevska Planina (1,803 metres) – the Ilyov Vrah peak
Karvav Kamak (1,737 metres) – the Bilo peak
Milevska Planina (1,733 metres) – the Milevets peak
Ruy (1,706 metres) – the Ruy peak
Tsarichka Planina (1,671 metres) – the Ostrika peak
Ograzhden (1,644 metres) – the Bilska Chula peak
Sredna Gora (1,604 metres) – the Golyam Bogdan peak
Lisets (1,500 metres) – the Vrashnik peak
Chudinska Planina (1,497 metres) – the Aramliya peak
Konyavska Planina (1,487 metres) – the Viden peak
Znepolska Rudina (1,485 metres) – the Golema Rudina peak
Erulska Planina (1,481 metres) – the Golemi Vrah peak
Verila (1,415 metres) – the Golyam Debelets peak
Lyubash (1,398 metres) – the Lyubash peak
Strazha (1,389 metres) – the Strazha peak
Greben (1,338 metres), also in Serbia – the Dziglina Livada peak
Plana (1,338 metres) – the Manastirishte peak
Elovishka Planina (1,329 metres) – the Plocha peak
Bohovska Planina (1,318 metres) – the Ogorelitsa peak
Kobilska Planina (1,312 metres) – the Chardak peak
Zemenska Planina (1,295 metres) – the Tichak peak
Lyulin (1,256 metres) – the Dupevitsa peak
Ezdimirska Planina (1,219 metres) – the Golemi Vrah peak
Stargach (1,218 metres) – the Asanov Vrah peak
Penkyovska Planina (1,187 metres) – the Konski Vrah peak
Lozenska Planina (1,182 metres) – the Poluvrak peak
Zavalska Planina (1,181 metres) – the Kitka peak
Golo Bardo (1,158 metres) – the Vetrushka peak
Cherna Gora (1,129 metres) – the Tumba peak
Leshnikovska Planina (1,086 metres) – the Zlataritsa peak
Viskyar (1,077 metres) – the Mechi Kamak peak
Sakar (856 metres) – the Vishegrad peak
Strandzha (710 metres) – the Golyamo Gradishte peak