This page is devoted to providing you with information about Bulgaria in the form of maps.

The map of Bulgaria is almost a rectangular shape and this is shown in a variety of images below. This website page only provides up to date maps of Bulgaria, historic maps have not been provided.
This first map shows the continent of Europe and displays the location of Bulgaria within the continent. As can be seen, Bulgaria is located in South-Eastern Europe.
The topographic map of Bulgaria. The mountains of the south and south west can clearly be seen in the image. Also the Black sea coast can be seen to the east.
A map showing the key cities of the country. Borders with the neighbouring countries of Romania, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece and Turkey can also be viewed.
A map of Bulgaria broken down into its twenty eight administrative provinces is provided.
This map of Bulgaria was produced by the Criminal Intelligency Agency (CIA) of the USA in 1994.
The following map provides information about the Eastern Orthodox Church and its spread throughout Bulgaria.
The country of Bulgaria is split into 2-digit postcodes, these are shown in the map.