There are fourteen celebrated public holidays in Bulgaria each year, these are listed below:

January 1 – New Years Day – Celebrating the first day of the New Year in the Gregorian Calendar
January 2 – Day after New Years Day
March 3 – Liberation Day – Liberation from the Ottoman Empire on March 3, 1878
April 22 (2011) – Good Friday – The Friday before Easter when in Christian tradition “Good” triumphed over “evil”
April 24 (2011) – Easter Sunday, the date moves from year to year but is always between March 22nd and April 25th

April 25 (2011) – Easter Monday
May 1 – Labour Day – Celebrates the role of workers, this is celebrated around the world
May 6 – St Georges Day – This holiday celebrates St Georges Day and is also recognised as the day of the Bulgarian Army
May 24 – Bulgarian Education and Culture, and Slavonic Literature Day – This celebrates Bulgarian culture and especially the establishment of the Cyrillic Alphabet in Bulgaria
September 6 – Unification Day – This remembers the unification of Bulgaria with East Rumelia in 1885. Centered around Plovdiv the country willingly united with Bulgaria.
Many Bulgarians choose to go the eastern coast, Black Sea resorts on public holidays. This image is taken at Sunny Beach, Bulgaria. Image Courtesy of Flickr

September 22 – Independence Day – This celebrates independence from the Ottoman Empire
December 24 – Christmas Eve – The eve before Christmas, this is celebrated around the world
December 25 – Christmas Day – Commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ, this date is celebrated in many countries around the world
December 26 – Second Day of Christmas – Celebrated in many countries, but not as Boxing Day as is the case in many countries