Bulgaria has a great variety of water sports available to tourists due to its Black Sea coast with sunny vibrant weather most of the year round. As well as that Bulgaria is a country with a rich, wide and ranging landscape including many rivers and dams which provide a perfect opportunity to the aquatic sportsperson.

Windsurfing is a popular sport in Bulgaria with various competitions taking place in Bulgaria on the black sea throughout the year. During the sunny summer days Bulgaria has to offer there are plenty of competitions along the Black Sea coast and this makes for perfect windsurfing conditions. The Black sea coast and its wind conditions are often not the best for beginner windsurfers, but are perfect for those at the intermediate or experienced level. All of the major seaside resorts in Bulgaria have lots of different windsurfing clubs from whom you can rent equipment from. As well as this for beginner windsurfers you can have lessons with a teacher to pick up the basics of windsurfing so you can learn a new skill on your holiday.

In the North Western section of the “Golden sands” tourist resort in Bulgaria there is a hugely popular water park called Aquapolis for anybody into water sports and water based theme parks. The water park is a family based holiday spot for young and old alike and is a great place to go during the sizzling Bulgarian summer.

Due to Bulgaria´s vast rivers and dams sports such as kayaking, white-water rafting and canoeing are great sports to try out for the first time if you´re a beginner or to challenge yourself if you´re a veteran kayaker.

White-water rafting safari packages are available for tourists visiting Bulgaria with various courses to enjoy giving a challenge to any prospective white-water rafter or the experienced veteran. Also throughout Bulgaria there are lots of highly trained white-water rafting instructors who can take people with ranging levels of experience on a white-water rafting experience.

Canoeing and kayaking in Bulgaria is a truly beautiful experience due to the beautiful Bulgarian landscape that anybody could fall in love with. Kayaking trips are also available on the Bulgarian coastline for anybody who dares to brave the elements. Sports such as canoeing, kayaking and white-water rafting are great for anybody wanting to enjoy a beautiful landscape while relaxing and going at their own pace to the ultra-competitive sportsperson who wants a challenge during their travels.