Collins Avenue stretches out for over 20 miles from the farthest tip of Miami Beach also known as South Beach to the northern tip sited in Sunny Isles, bordered by the alluring beaches of Miami Beach.

Carved out parallel to the Atlantic Ocean in the Miami Beach, Collins Avenue is a sight by itself. Flanked by gorgeous Art Deco buildings and home to numerous exciting nightclubs, Collins Avenue is the prominent boulevard of Miami Beach which stretches out to the Broward County Line.

Sandwitched between the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Creek, this avenue which stretches out for a dozen miles gifts travellers a recap on the potted history of the area in its entirety. Lined by fine mansions set in picturesque oceanfront estates, Collins Avenue is also known as State Road A1A.

Better known as a tropical playground, Collins Avenue is a sparkling gem in a fashioner’s paradise (Miami Beach). Harbingered as the designer district, this place also grabbed the spotlight for being the perfect showcase of the best and the most vast designer labels – all of which can be found at a walking distance from one another. Even the side streets at the avenue which are lined up with small one-of-a-kind boutiques have something of their own to boast about.

Collins Avenue has got literally everything a visitor would be looking forward to – from restaurants and clubs designed out of ancient low-rise buildings, a happening night-life which sees inhabitants and tourists heading for action, an history of synagogues incarnating into nightclubs, buildings which were contrived by the best Deco era architects and which stand as a typical example of Mediterranean Revival style or Art Moderne to a museum that proudly finds itself on the National Register of Historic places.

Today, redevelopment has given an avaunt-grade facelift to the area and visitors can find themselves gazing at the time-share hotels, townhouses and condominium buildings which are as strikingly impressive as the fanciful architecture dating back to the heyday of the 1930s and ‘40s.The European-style community – Cascada, that spurred from the Mediterranean architecture of a Tuscan villagio is also worth the tourist’s time.

It hardly took this place, best known for its Art Nouveau or Deco – architecture and art, less than a century to gain the impetus and advance from the tropical wilderness it once was to one of the most famed turnpikes across the globe. A flip through the history books and one can get a fair idea of the history of Collin Avenue in Miami. It was John Collins, after whom the town was named who pioneered to invest in a coconut-farming operation at the area. John Collins loved the place and played an active role as one of the visionaries who played an active role in building the City of Miami. The Joe and Jennie’s restaurant here is still a “must-stop” destination for numerous visitors.

A favourite hangout for showbiz luminaries and other celebrities including Sammy Davis Jr., Beatles,Al Capone and Frank Sinatra. Gives you enough reason to be there at the place already.