Miami is a vibrant and lively city where all the action happens, you’ll find beautiful people, incredible food, and parties that last from sunset to sunrise and beyond. The city has a heavy Latin influence that shows in its food and trends as well as its music.

Ocean Drive in the south beach area is ‘the’ place to see and be seen, on one side of the road are cafes, restaurants, bars and clubs, and on the other side of the street lies the beach. Many of the buildings here are beautiful art deco buildings, and you’ll find a number of hotels here too.

Head outside, and the evenings in Miami city are buzzing with a plethora of clubs and bars playing a wide range of popular music styles. Head down into ‘down town Miami’ and you’ll be able to move from a club that closes at 2am to one that’s open till 6am, and then on to one that keeps going till 8am when it’s time for breakfast.

When you want to take pause, you’ll find plenty of really great restaurants here serving everything from freshly caught sea food to Chinese, Mexican and more. Even the hot dog stands are worth visiting as you’ll get to walk around the city and see the people and the culture here.

Bayside near downtown Miami is a great spot for a bit of tourist shopping, as well as eating and watching the boats go by. Suburban areas such as Coconut Grove are where you’ll find boutique shops, as well as some historic sites of interest, and once again plenty of fine dining.