Many fathers look forward to weekends after working during the week, as they give parents the opportunity to spend quality time with their families and forget about the hustle of everyday life. Whether you have substantial amounts of money to spend or none at all, you can enjoy many weekend activities with your family without sacrificing your peace.

Watch Movies

You can spend a few hours of your weekend watching the latest movies at your favorite movie theater or from home. Consider renting a movie from a movie store or check online for new movie releases. Take a poll of who wants to watch what; if the voting is splintered, this could be a time to ditch democracy and make an executive decision. Just make sure you prepare the loser’s favorite snacks to soften the blow of not seeing Frozen for the 400th time.

Day at the Beach

Spend some time at the beach with your family. There are many outdoor activities you can enjoy with your family at the beach including swimming, building sand castles and playing soccer or football. Bring beverages packed in a cooler, sunscreen, towels, snacks and sandwiches. If you get tired from playing football and swimming, you can sit down with your family and enjoy the scenery.

Library Time

Spending time in the library is an absolutely free form of entertainment. While many public libraries close during weekends, you can spend a few hours of your weekend with your family in your home library. Take turns reading short excerpts from your favorite books, watch documentaries and surf the Internet. You can create your own film nights and book clubs for your family, which can also double to help the kids with their homework during the week.

Baseball Game

Go to a baseball game with your family–it’s America’s classic pastime and it’s still a blast. Snack on some hot dogs and chips while cheering your favorite team, or pack some healthy snacks from home. If you do not have the money for a major league game, you can still have a good time watching a minor league or college game while staying within your budget.

Exotic Restaurant

Go to an exotic restaurant offering cuisine you have never tried before, such as Indian or Ethiopian food. It is important to research the restaurant’s cuisine on the Internet or in books before you go to the restaurant–make sure no one in your family will have too much trouble with the fare. For example, if someone in your family is vegetarian, you might not want to go to a restaurant that serves primarily meat. Going to an exotic restaurant allows you to discover new dishes that you have never tried before and learn about new cultures.


Volunteering is fun and beneficial to local communities. Consider spending a few hours of your weekend volunteering at the local animal shelter. Many animal orphanages and shelters seek volunteers to undertake various activities including cleaning the shelters and bathing animals. Volunteering time at an animal shelter allows you and your family to meet other volunteers who share your interests. It’s a great way to learn more about your community while teaching your kids about their civic responsibilities.

A Thrilling Weekend at an Amusement Park

Amusement parks and water parks are ideal destinations for families who want to enjoy weekend time together. There are many activities to undertake in an amusement park including riding in roller coasters and bumper cars. Amusement and water parks can provide a weekend full of fun activities for your family. Bear in mind that most amusement parks are quite expensive, especially when you add in meals and parking. Look for coupons and online deals ahead of time.

Many families today spend so much time with communication technology and passive forms of entertainment that can be enjoyed individually. This is why it is important for families to figure out activities that they can enjoy doing together. Weekend activities such as watching movies, volunteering and trips to the beach and amusement park offer great ways for families to bond while having fun.