Eating Paleo means to eat as the cave men did long ago. Proponents of the Paleo diet say that “eating Paleo” works with the body’s genetics to keep you strong, lean and loaded with energy. The key ingredients to the Paleo diet are vegetables and fruits, proteins like lean meat, fish and eggs and natural and healthy fats and oils. On the Paleo diet, no breads (or grains of any kind), dairy products, refined sugars or processed meats are allowed.

For many people this diet has made the difference between keeping those extra pounds on and becoming lean and fit. But with the restrictions, the diet can make finding new and interesting recipes that don’t incorporate sugars, grains or dairy, quite difficult.

This article aims to provide six great sites where Paleo recipes are aplenty and Paleo diet advice is abundant.

1. Cave Girl Eats

Liz Wolfe, the creator and owner of the Paleo site, Cave Girl Eats, is not only knowledgeable and fun, she’s hilarious. As a certified educator of nutrition, she knows a lot about how the Paleo diet works and engages readers in wonderful essays on nutrition and balanced eating with Paleo.

2. PaleOMG

The motto for PaleOMG (not pale OMG, but paleo (O)MG) is “Real Food. Real Life. Real Simple,” and that’s just what this site is. The gal who runs it eats Paleo and shares all her great recipes, from Beef and Broccoli Cashew Stir Fry to Crispy Sesame Brussels Sprouts with Creamy Curry Dipping Sauce. She even has a great section for sweets, which includes recipes for Crispy Vanilla Protein Waffles and Strawberry Raspberry Milkshake Fudge Hearts!

3. The Domestic Man

The Domestic Man himself is named Russ Crandall, and he has a great site with plenty of recipes and beautiful photographs that make you want to run to the grocery store and buy all the ingredients so you can get cooking immediately! Not only is he an expert in the Paleo lifestyle, he is a classically trained chef, meaning his recipes are the best of the best.

4. Paleo Comfort Foods

This blog was started by a couple who love food: Charles and Julie (Sullivan) Mayfield. In 2008, Charles and Julie started eating natural foods, dense in nutrients, and they haven’t turned back since. Today, they work hard to draft and revise their recipes, making them top notch among Paleo recipes.

5. Everyday Paleo

The owner and author of this site, Sarah Fragoso, is a working mom, and therefore has more to battle than just eating Paleo for each meal. But she gets the job done and manages to have an excellent and resourceful Paleo site to boot. She even has a cookbook out now called “Everyday Paleo.”

6. Paleo Parents

This site comes from two individuals who used Paleo to reach their weight loss dreams. Together, Matt McCarry and Stacy Toth lost more than 200 pounds just from eating the Paleo diet. Today, they focus on maintaining their new lifestyle by education other families and especially kids with their amazing recipes and advice on living Paleo.