Being a dad can be a very big responsibility. Many men don’t realize how much their children look up to them until the child has grown and moved on. There are some things that every man needs to know about how to be a good father:

First Thing: Dad needs to realize that he is a dad. He needs to realize that the children not only look up to him, but they also depend on him for their well-being. They rely on him to go to work to support his family. They also rely on him to come home at night and pay attention to them. Dad shouldn’t be playing video games with his friends. Those days are long gone.

Second Thing: And dad needs to remember that he is not only supposed to support his family, he is also supposed to take good care of his health. After all, if dad isn’t physically capable of taking care of his family, everyone could be doomed. Diet and exercise are an important part of dad’s lifestyle. He needs to make healthy choices and be conscious about the foods he is eating.

Third Thing: Dad needs to be aware of the fact that his little girl is going to compare her future husband to him. Because of this, dad needs to be a role model. You don’t want your little girl to grow up and marry a bum. Instead, find someone that will treat her right and someone that she can treasure forever.

Fourth Thing: Dad needs to discipline the children appropriately. He should discipline them only as a teaching tool. Generally, the little ones are more afraid of dad than they are of mom. Remember, there is a big difference between discipline and beating.

Fifth Thing: Dad needs to remember that the children are paying attention to his relationships not only inside the home, but outside the home. Mom and dad need to have a strong relationship. The kids need to know that they cannot turn their parents on one another. Dad and mom not only need to respect one another, but also others such as grandparents, aunts and uncles, and neighbors. If a child sees that you don’t respect your own parents, they may not respect you when they get older.

Being a parent is one of the most challenging things that you will ever go through. After your child is raised, you will be able to look back on the fruits of your labors. In the meantime, be patient with them. Teach them right from wrong. Don’t make the mistake of allowing your children to get away with everything. If you do, society will pay the price.

The relationship that you have with your children is one that will last a lifetime. Nurture it as often as possible. Make sure that you spend time with your kids. You don’t need to have a lot of money to spend time with your kids. Teach them to work by your side in the yard. By teaching a child how to work, you are teaching them lifelong skills that they will appreciate forever.

Remember, your job as a parent doesn’t end until you die. When you are an adult, your children will still need your advice. Always make sure that you are there for them.